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An Unlikely Ocean Warrior: Pioneering Blue Economy Funding

Updated: 5 days ago

As a former accountant and advisor in traditional finance, Belinda Bramley is using her decade of experience and skills to pioneer efforts to account for the ocean’s natural capital. Her blue economy work focuses on funding models to pay for ecosystem services that would enable the private sector, governments and local communities to jointly invest in marine protected areas and sustainable ocean management. 

These models place an economic value on the ocean's assets, which she believes is key to changing our exploitative relationship with the sea. As a consultant, Belinda is leveraging the actions of many, bringing siloed ocean actors together.

With the support of philanthropy to reduce the risk, the work involves testing a creditor model for sustainable funding of management of protected areas and the communities, use a payments for ecosystem services model where companies that recognize their value chains are at risk, can contribute to ecosystem services that then builds public support. 

But is the world ready for this? Many countries have committed to protecting 30% of their marine areas by 2030 (the "30 by 30" goal), but the implementation and enforcement of these protections are often lacking. Belinda says the trick is to harness pioneers in the private sector space to come on board and then the governments will be obliged to act. 

Join this episode of Blue Pioneers with Kat Bruce to learn more about this important work to secure future investments for the ocean. Find the longer podcast version here.

About Belinda Bramley:

Belinda transitioned from a career in finance in London to marine conservation, driven by her lifelong love for nature and concern about environmental issues. She is currently an independent consultant in the blue economy, an Associate for NLA International Ltd, a blue economy solutions consultancy and an Advisor to Blue Green Future LLC.

Her focus is on SDG14: Life Below Water, in particular building the enabling conditions for enduring marine protection, nature-based solutions and a sustainable blue economy. As lead of the Blue Green Future's support for the Hinemoana Halo Initiative, she has helped an indigenous-led programme in the Pacific Ocean restore the mauri (lifeforce) of the moana (ocean) and deliver Aotearoa New Zealand’s first indigenous-led voluntary blue carbon regime. 

Belinda is a chartered accountant who led teams providing finance and treasury support for investment banking activities, and former Treasurer of Global Canopy. Produced by team at Better Worlds.

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