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The route for the GB Row Challenge.


from  London's

Tower Bridge 

on  June 9th


in this Epic Journey

The Adventure Starts in









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Rowing 2,000 miles unassisted around Great Britain Collecting Data & Stories for Nature and Climate


We are Sea Change, a Team of 6 women who work in the fields of nature, climate and corporate sustainability. 


In June 2024 we will be rowing 2,000 miles around the British coastline without stopping and unassisted. We will be collecting data on the biodiversity, microplastics, sound and ocean temperature. Supporting a long term study on ocean health led by the University of Portsmouth. 

It’s not too late,

too hard, or too expensive 

to turn the tide

for our Ocean.


The World's Toughest Rowing Race
More complex than crossing an ocean, GB Row Challenge sees crews attempt to row continuously around the coastline of Great Britain: a distance of over 2000 miles.  
This requires much more than just strength, stamina and endurance. Teams must understand navigation and the sea’s tidal flow, which is why tactical ability and making the most of weather and sea conditions can be as important as the crew’s rowing strength. 
Want to find out more?
Learn about other teams, past experiences and the boat we will be rowing in on the official GB Row Website.  

The route for the GB Row Challenge.
Diagram of the science data collectors on the row boat.

Our Charity Partner

We are proud to be supporting Blue Marine Foundation, as a crew we are passionate about ocean health and believe a collective effort must be made to protect and restore our oceans for the future resilience of the planet.


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  • Sea Change is an expedition where a crew of six women will row continuously and unsupported around the coast of Great Britain in the summer of 2024 to collect data on biodiversity, microplastics pollution, sound pollution, and temperature/salinity of the coastal seas. The expedition aims to build a comprehensive picture of the state of British coastal environments.

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  • "Sea change" is an idiomatic expression that refers to a significant transformation or a major shift in perspective, circumstances, or conditions. The term originates from William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest," where it is used to describe a profound transformation caused by the sea. Over time, the phrase has come to be used more broadly to signify any substantial and notable change.

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  • As of June 2023, Team Ithaca holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest female team to row around Great Britain in 44 days, 20 hours, 19 minutes, and 34 seconds.

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  • The 6-person crew will row continuously in 2-hr rotating shifts. The boat has 3 rowing positions. There are 2 cabins on either end for sleeping and storage. The crew is responsible for navigation, cooking dehydrated meals, making fresh water with a desalinator, and maintaining solar panels and electronics.

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